How to Paint Pressed Wood Furniture

Painting pressed wood furniture is easy with the right preparation. Painted pressed wood furniture can be a cheap way to add attractive furniture to you home while being able to coordinate the same piece with changing color schemes.Does this Spark an idea?Instructions 1Sand surface with 120 grit sand paper.2Apply sanding sealer to the entire piece of furniture. After it dries sand with 220 grit sand paper. Brush off all dust. The sanding sealer will prevent the pressed wood from absorbing the paint and swelling up. This step is the most important.3Apply a coat of quality primer to the piece. For tables, turn upside down and paint the legs and underside first. Once dry turn right side up and paint the top. When painting vertical surfaces paint from the top down to better see paint runs and drips.4Sand the primer with 220 grit sand paper. Don’t worry if you sand through the primer in a few spots.5Apply two coats of finish paint, in the same manner that you applied the primer coat. Sand between coats with 220 grit and after the final coat if you want to with 400 grit or finer.
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